Custom Beer Tap Handles


When you visit your local bar, you see plenty of the custom beer tap handles, and some of them lead you to try the beer.

They have to stick to acceptable – and decent! -norms, but if you have a kegerator at home, you choose the tap handles YOU want!

Have a look at these brilliant custom beer tap handles that will definitely get people talking!

(By the way, I did more than 5 to include some of the sports team beer tap handles.)

My Top 5 for custom beer tap handle customers in the USA

If you are a UK custom beer tap handle customer, scroll down the page



#1 Sexy Woman custom beer tap handle


This custom beer tap handle is a real eye opener and a real conversation point for all your visitors.

Made from solid resin, this custom beer keg tap handles is of a naked Busty woman!

She measures 6.25 inches tall by 3 inches wide and will fit any standard US keg faucet.

People who have actually bought this custom tap handle absolutely love it. On, seven people have reviewed it and it gets 5 stars out of six of them and one star from one reviewer. The one star review was clearly from a woman who took exception to men buying and enjoying a custom tap handle with a naked woman on it!

If you have a kegerator, you won’t regret buying this product.



#2 Green Dragon custom beer tap handle


This Dragon Draft Beer tap handle is one of the better custom bar tap handles.

Make your home drinking into a an affair worthy of Game of Thrones with this very cool beer tap handle.

This mythical and ferocious dragon is manufactured from solid plastic resin and will give you years and years of loyal service at the home bar.

It’s cool and scary looks will add sparkle and interest to your home bar and add a medieval flavour that your friends and visitors will love.

It gets 4.7 out of 5 stars at from 9 reviewers.

Comments about it were very good, and one reviewer called it a bad ass beer tap handle.
Several reviewers commented that it was much bigger than it seemed on the sales page.

A few were bought as gifts and it seems like this would be a perfect gift for anyone with a kegerator, but especially someone with a mythical thirst.



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#3 Bass Fishing custom beer tap handle


Custom beer tap handles are really popular at the moment and are a great way to get the conversation started at your get-togethers. The sight of this one as you pour a beer for your visitors will certainly get their attention.

The tap handle itself represents a fine bass leaping out of water and the colours are quite bright and the fish is realistic. The only review of it at Amazon gave it 5 stars and commented that the colours were very vivid and the handle itself was very sturdy and well made.

It’s sturdy plastic construction should give you years of pouring with no problems.

It would be a great addition to the home bar of any fishing fan and is said to be bass-tastic custom beer keg tap handle.



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#4 Brew Tapper Chalkboard custom beer tap handle


This chalkboard kegerator tap handle is perfect for home kegs, bars, restaurants, homebrewers and people holding events using a kegerator.

The brilliant thing about it is that is has an erasable surface on both sides of the handle. This allows you to write on it whatever you have in that particular keg. Then, when you change the keg, simply rub it out and write on it the name of the new brew. You just can’t beat the convenience of it!

It’s a very sturdy custom keg tap handle and is made from beechwood. You are able to write on the chalkboard face with either traditional chalk or the amazing new liquid chalk markers. You can get very creative with the liquid chalk markers!

This beer tap handle sits on top of the beer faucet and means that everyone can easily read the name/type of beer from the front of the tap. The tap fits all US standard lever threads.

This tap handle is ideal for anyone who constantly switches between beverages or anyone who wants a talking point for their visitors. Changing the handles is as easy as wiping the name of the current beer off the board and drawing a new name of image.

Lots and lots of people have bought this and 61 reveiwers gave it 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is a pretty good indicator of its quality and value.



#5 Mad Hatter custom beer tap handle


This great beer tap handle of the Mad Hatter is just one of a range of scary/zombie tap handles that would be great for ant horror or goth fan.

See more zombie custom beer tap handles here. 

This tap handle measures about 4 inches tall and is about 2 inches across. It will fit all standard US faucets.



#6 Cowboys football custom beer tap handle


This Cowboys sports team beer tap handle would be a great addition to anyone’s home bar or man cave and is a no-brainer present for a Cowboys fan with a kegerator.

It is a wooden pub style custom beer tap handle topped with a Cowboys Mini Helmet.

You can turn your home sports bar into a bar that really stands out with this great beer tap.



#7 49ers Football custom beer tap handles


#8 St Louis Cardinals Baseball Solid Oakcustom beer tap handle


#9 New York Yankees Baseball Chalkboard custom beer tap handles


#10 Chicago Cubs Baseball Solid Oak custom beer tap handle


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See this helpful video.


DIY beer tap handle

A quick and easy way to thread in the William's Brewing tap handle insert.


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I hope you enjoyed my choices of custom beer tap handles.  If you did, leave a message.  I’d love to hear from you.

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