Arts and Crafts Gifts Christmas 2019

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arts and crafts gifts

In this article we will look at some great arts and crafts gifts ideas that you can use for friends and family for Christmas 2019.

Many people enjoy making things by hand as well as being creative.  Arts and crafts are a substantial, very popular market, and it’s quite likely that you know somebody in your life who appreciates this kind of thing.

There are a lots and lots of little subcategories within the arts and crafts category, such as paint, sculpting, etching, and more. When you know what someone has an interest in, then you can select the right gift for them at Christmas 2019.

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#1 Paints and Brushes

Arts and Crafts gifts Paints
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One excellent gift you could buy a loved one would be a top quality set of paints and also brushes. People frequently purchase low cost brushes and paint for the painting they do themselves. They may not realise this can make it challenging for them to properly create their paintings.

By gifting them a great set of brushes that won’t wear out and fray quickly, or some paint that will retain the intended color and consistency, you’re helping them better to take their vision and put it on the canvas exactly as they intended.

#2 Wood burning kits

Woodburning kit gifts
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If the craft loving person in your life has not yet thought about it, you might consider surprising them with a wood burning kit. Wood burning is coming to be a lot more popular lately, and the right kit enables them to draw on wood. If they are particularly artistic, they can burn their designs right onto the wood.

Using one of these burners you can get a genuinely rustic, old fashioned look in the finished article which makes it fantastic for creating unusual decorative products for the home.

But I wouldn’t buy one for pre-teens. Only get one of these for grownups and older teenagers due to the fact that the burner in it can get very warm and could easily burn a youngster if they weren’t careful using it.

#3 Sewing Materials as gifts

Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701, Lightweight Sewing Machine with 27 Stitches
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One arts and crafts job that’s constantly prominent is stitching. Sewing can be both creative for your artistic souls and also practical for your home life.

With sewing you can produce stunning unusual and elaborative designs, however you can additionally repair things like garments or blankets if they’ve been torn.

People I know who sew usually use lots of materials and are always wanting more so new material bundles as gifts are always well received. If you wanted to spend more, you could additionally check into buying somebody a new or refurbished sewing machine. A less expensive sewing gift would be some premium quality needles or some accessories that make threading it a bit less complicated.

#4 Clay Sculpting gifts

Arteza Pottery & Clay Sculpting Tools (Set of 42)
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One more preferred form of arts and crafts that is suitable for any age is clay sculpting. Whether it be something as small and straightforward as Play-Doh or something more progressed like appropriate sculpting clay, people can always enjoy making sculptures.

For the more advanced clay sculpture artist, it is possible to make things like cups or flower holders to use around your house, or just make wonderful ornamental designs. Of course, there’s always the choice of readymade sets.

These packages include instructions, products, and all the relevant tools you will need in one bundle and allow you to make something with ease. The disadvantage with readymade kits is that you have to follow the plan and can’t always be as creative as you would like while modelling. But they are far simpler, and are maybe more particularly suited to the younger person.

#5 Knitting and Crochet Gifts

Along with sewing, many of your friends and relatives who are into craft will love to knit or crochet.  It’s a hobby that people really seem to get into and love forever.

Within the  category, there are needles, crochet hooks, lots of different yarns of different colours, and many specialist pieces of equipment such as yarn ball winders.

You will easily find an arts and crafts gift for a crochet lover if you know one.

I hope you found my roundup of arts and crafts gifts useful, and that you have found many suitable gifts.

If you did, leave a comment.  It would be great to hear from you.



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