Best Gifts on a Budget

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best gifts on a budget

There may be times when you feel you need to buy people gifts but you find yourself a bit short of money at that time. This may occur when it’s someones birthday, or perhaps you need to buy an anniversary gift or a wedding present.

At these times you may find yourself experiencing significant stress because you are trying to work out how you can buy these gifts and at the same time you’re wondering how you can also manage necessary bills and costs at home.

You may worry about this but there’s absolutely no need to suffer the embarrasment of arriving at a function without a gift of some sort because you’re short on funds. In this article we will give you some ideas of gifts that you can get even if you are on the tightest budget.

#1 Homemade cakes and foods in favor jars

If you have a flair for making a particular dessert, cake, biscuits, chocolate product or whatever, there is the opportunity to make a unique homemade gift that will be well received and no-one else will be giving.

If you don’t have a favourite recipe, Google is your friend so get online and find something you can make that won’t cost the earth. There’s lots of websites offering easy recipes to help you out.

Make the food and present it in a cute or funky container to keep it fresh that you can also buy online for a few dollars.  You may have to buy a number of them but you can make it your signature present when it’s someone’s birthday!

If you can make great fudge, or cookies, these will go down especially well as it is something they can open and share with their friends and family.

But no matter what you make, so long as you take the time to make it look good and present it well, you can be sure they will really appreciate the fact that you put so much effort into it for them.

You will come out of it looking good and they don’t need to know it was a gift idea on a budget!

#2 Home decor gift on a budget


For a really low cost but effective home decor gift you could buy for someone, you could buy a simple print or a poster and mount it in a cost effective frame. Prints generally cost much less than buying artwork and you can usually get them for a very low cost.

A nice frame and print will always be a welcome addition to anyone’s home decor. Try to ensure you know the persons preference to determine the content of the print and make sure you know the style and colouring in their house so you get a suitable frame.

If you try to get a frame that will fit in with their existing decor, it would make a delightful gift that hasn’t cost you a lot of money.


#3 Aromatic diffuser gift



Many people love to have candles burning in their home. Part of the appeal is the flickering light and part of it is the smells they generate.

But it can be quite expensive to be constantly replacing scented candles so a small aromatic diffuser can allow them to get lots of different scents quite effectively.


#4 Give homemade jewelry gifts



Jewelry choices are very personal but if you know a person well and know their jewelry tastes a jewelry piece makes a great gift but it can be a pricey present when you start looking.

But nowadays you can buy jewelry kits online that allow you to make your own jewelry for a fraction of the cost of premade pieces. Add to that the fact that you will be adding some personal flair and making a unique piece and you have a pretty cost low cost gift.


#5 Give a book as a budget gift.



The last item in my list of best gifts on a budget is a humble book. If your recipient is an avid reader, nothing beats a good book.

You don’t have to give them a rare book or a first edition as a gift. Just pick a hardback version with a nice dustcover in a genre they like and it can become a welcome addition to their bookshelf collection.

It will give them a gift that can occupy them with a good read for hours that they will thank you for and it needn’t have cost you a lot of money.

Top 5 Best Gifts on a Budget Summary

It doesn’t have to be stressful for you to find worthwhile gifts to give if your budget is limited.

Just make a point of considering the interests of the person you’re looking for a gift for. Think of any and all the things they use in their life on a regular basis.

Then transfer your thought process to look for budget friendly options that fir in with those interest and you’ll come up with soemthing that won’t cost you a lot. But when you give the present, the recipient will be very thanksful of the gift, whatever it cost.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the best gifts on a budget.  If you do have funds and know a cook, check out the best gift ideas for cooks .  If you know some arty, read my thoughts on arts and craft gifts christmas 2019.

Leave a comment if you like. I’d love to know what you thought.


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