Gift Ideas for Special Teachers

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gift ideas for special teachers

When you are a teacher it can be fulfilling but at the same time it can also be stressful and at times you may not feel appreciated by the students or their parents.

Many teachers are driven by the sincere desire to ensure that future generations of adults have had a solid base of education but they often have to work long hours for lower pay.

So it’s a thoughtful idea to thank them and surprise them with a nice gift at the end of term or at holiday times such as Christmas or Easter.

Whether the teacher in question is your own teacher or it is someone in your circle of family or friends who is a teacher, there are plenty of little gifts you can give them to show your gratitude.

In this article I present the results of my research on great gift ideas for special teachers.

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#1 Insulated travel coffee mugs

For the first thank you gift I note that many teachers enjoy and love to drink coffee and seem to drink it all the time!  It gets them going in the morning and picks them up in the day if they are flagging a little at their teaching post.  An insulated travel mug is a very useful gift idea for special teachers and will help them to carry their coffee around with them wherever they go in the school during the day.

If you check them out on Amazon [LINK] you will find that they don’t cost a lot of money.  You may even find a coffee mug that can be personalized with your teacher’s name if you look hard and don’t mind paying a bit more.


Travel mug gift idea for teachers
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Special Teachers Gift Idea: Contigo Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug

This good looking stainless steel vacuum-insulated mug uses innovative technologies to keep liquids hot or cold for hours and boasts a leak-proof and spill-proof mug.

The mug uses special technology that lets you just press, sip and seal.  There’s no chance of a spill when you are traveling and the lock feature makes sure you don’t accidentally press the button to open it.

Keeps your hot drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours.


#2 Get them a Quality Tote bag

Another one of my gift ideas for special teachers who are ladies is a good quality tote bag.  I’m not being sexist but male teachers just don’t seem to use tote bags.

Schoolteachers always seem to need to carry lots of stuff with them from class to class and it’s too much for them to carry in just their hands.  They need to carry books, notes, diary, pens, purse, snacks and all manner of things that teachers need.

So you don’t want to have just a thin jute bag that may rip and spill their supplies everywhere.  You need to get a decent quality bag that they will find useful but won’t have the straps break or rip off because of the weight they are carrying.

Because of this, it won’t be a cheap present, but, hey, it’s a special teacher, right?  You want to thank them for all they do.

At Amazon they offer a whole range of quality tote bags and some of them are actually tailored towards teachers with a snappy or cute comments on the side.

Get them a tote bag and they will really appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Teacher Appreciation Tote Bag Cotton Shoulder Bag


Teacher Appreciation Tote Bag Teacher Gifts
Click to see more at Amazon


This is a perfect gift idea for your special educator – a large tote bag with an inspirational quote that proclaims them to be the Best Teacher Ever!

At 16 x 5 x 3.5 inches it’s big enough to carry everything they need around school, including purse, lunch, binders, tablet, phone and whatever else is necessary.

It has a long 21.5 inch handle and interior pockets that will keep everything inside neat, tidy and just in the right place when they need it.

They will be able to use it out of school too, as it is perfect for trips to the beach or gym, for example.  As a bonus, everyone will know they are a loved teacher.


#3 Portable Laminator

You can help make your special teacher’s life a bit more professional and add artistic flair to it by gifting them a portable laminator.

Educators often have papers that they refer to over and over and as they use them more, they just become dog-eared and folded.  If you laminate these things, such as study guides and lesson plans, it can protect them and seriously extend their usable life, meaning teach has to replace them less often.

If the lecturer in question teaches younger pupils, this may be especially true as there tends to be more spills and slip ups with these children.

Portable Thermal Laminator Machine

Portable A4 Thermal Laminating Machine gift for school
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Anyone who has ever used a laminator will imagine a hot device but this portable laminator gift for a teacher actually has two laminating methods, one hot and one cold.

The cold method is suitable for some special old pictures and documents and when you need to use the hot method, it takes just 3 minutes to warm up to the correct temperature.

Fast throughput and a two roller system help with productivity as well as a system that quickly and easily clears any jams within the laminator.

Compact design makes it truly portable and it can laminate several different paper sizes and type to make it a really useful gift.


#4 Self care for teachers book

With all the factors within a teaching job that are stressful, it is important that teachers train themselves to practice self care to make sure they don’t burn out.  This led me to add another best gifts for teachers light bulb moment!

Getting them an effective book on self care will lead them to a happier and more fulfilled life, both when they are at school and when they are not.  A good self care book will lead them through self care strategies and techniques that can help them focus on the important task of educating children whilst not neglecting their own needs for relaxation and stress release.

Far from being a bit of a ‘woo-woo’ spiritual subject, more and more people are becoming aware of the need for effective self management, reflection and positivity and self care embraces all that.

Getting your teacher a self care book will really help them in both their teaching and personal life.

180 days of self care for busy educators

180 Days of Self-Care for Teachers
Click to see more at Amazon


This book is a great example of helping professionals in education practice self care to support their health and wellness.

It consists of a 36 week plan of daily self care strategies and techniques that matches the school year.

If your gift recipient follows this plan, during the school year they will learn how looking after their own self care is very important.  Far from being a selfish activity, it will better equip them with the mental health required to positively affect children’s education.

The book discusses the dangers of stress for teaching during their work and offers ideas they can use to beat the stress and make positive change.

Each chapter explores one particular aspect of self care for a week, giving the teacher all the tools they need.

This one of the gift ideas for special teachers will help them enormously but if this particular book is a bit pricey for your budget, click here to see a range of them at different costs.


#5 Extra writing supplies

If you don’t like any of my other suggestions, or are perhaps working to a tighter budget, you could always give your teacher the benefit of extra pens, pencilling and/or notepads.

With school budgets seeming to become ever smaller and tighter, many teachers these days are expected to bring their own classroom supplies at their own cost.  This can mean them having to buy endless amounts of tissues, pens, pencils, glues, folders and so on.

By presenting them with a gift of useful spare supplies, you will be saving them time and cost, not to mention the hassle of going out and sourcing them themselves.  I’m sure they would be really grateful for such a thoughtful present.

Writing Essentials Kit Teacher Gift 

Writing Essentials Kit present for teacher
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This really handy kit will provide your special teacher with all the writing supplies they need for the next term.

Consisting of 20 pieces from three brands you know and trust – Papermate, Sharpie and Expo, this kit will keep you writing for a long time.

There are 2 permanent markers, 3 pocket highlighters, 6 ballpoint pens (red, blue and black), 1 gel pen, 2 felt tip pens, 3 propelling pencils, 2 erasers and 1 dry erase marker.

A big time saver, this kit is one of the best gifts under $15 I can recommend.

Gift Ideas for Special Teacher Summary

I hope you found my curated collection of the best top 5 gift ideas for special teachers helpful.  I tried really hard to find a variety of presents that represent good value for money, a brilliant thank-you for teacher and something that didn’t come up in lots of gift guides so no-one else would give one as well.

I’d love to know what you thought – leave a comment if you thought of anything while you read the article.

PS – Click to see my best gifts on a budget if these gifts are a bit too expensive for you.


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